January 21, 2015

Return to the UK with surprising programme

Cecilia will return to London on Friday 18-12-2015, with a new programme, with arias and duets with Rolando Villazon.
I put this in a new post here as the ticket sale starts very soon and it might not get noticed as easily otherwise:

I guess she will do this with him in more cities, in any case in Amsterdam.



  1. Hello everybody, I open up the discussion: As some of you wrote in the Schedule section: "There is one to many on stage" (seems we do not have a lot of Rolando Villazon fans here :-) I was thinking: maybe there won´t be "St. Petersburg Vol.2", but an easy going duet-CD with Rolando. Great selling in prospective: he is everybody´s darling, Cecilia is everybody´s darling, a match made in heaven.... for the record company! Maybe London is the start of a new project or a good reason for a shopping trip right before Christmas. Would love to hear what you are all think about this! Greetings, Koile

  2. Hi Koile, I do like Rolando - as a person. He is kind and funny (sometimes a bit too funny) and I think he loves music and dedicates his life to it. But he's not capable to dive deep enough and his voice doesn't allow him to paint as colorful as Cecilia can.

    Whether there will be a duet CD, I don't know. Some time ago, she had an evening with Lang Lang, and no CD followed. But if so, well, this would of course be bestselling. But I wouldn't expect too much from it.

    Have a nice day!

  3. I personally would like something completely different, but my attitude to the idea is «why not» if it will be just several concerts and not more than that.

  4. Well, I got myself a ticket, as it is still quite cheap in comparison ( £ 65,00). Not as cheap as it once was ( £25,00) but still good for a second row centre (right in front of them)..
    I am no big fan of Rolando. I saw him in Amsterdam when he had voice troubles and shortened his number of arias to just 4 . Not too impressive. He is popular. The line for autographs was one hour (to compare: 2 weeks ago it was only 1/2 hour for Philippe Jaroussky after a magnificent and very moving NIOBE).
    I only hope he does not get too many solo arias. I hope it will be more a night for Cecilia with solos and just some duets with him.
    On 1 March I should know if this will also be done in Amsterdam. If so, there will be more cities.
    In view of their Salzburg collaboration it is not a strange project.

    1. Hi Ton, what will take place on 1 March? Press conference about the new Concertgebouw season?
      Great that you have been to NIOBE! I appreciate Philippe Jaroussky very much; he is the only singer except for Cecilia and Maria Callas who touches my heart ...

    2. Christiane, on 1 March (or 1 or 2 days earlier) is always every year the presentation of the new season and start of the subscriptions sale.
      Luckily it was always possible to order tickets for Cecilia on that day but last 2 years not anymore. Last year they did not even know if she would come and before that it was only possible to book a subscription that included her concert. Separate ticket sale was 1 June the last 2 years. I fear it stays that way, so no longer me ordering 10 or 12 tickets for many fans.

    3. Thanks a lot, Ton! I'd like to come back to Amsterdam - but only for Cecilia "pure" ;-)

  5. I think, this concert or concerts and the Iphigenie with him might just be something, Cecilia always wanted to do.
    I think Villazon once was an impressive tenor with great stage presence and emotional impact, but his voice simply has lost immensely in the last years. There is a Cosi from Milano on YouTube and it shows all problems of his voice, he still has. A shame, cause I do like him as a human being out of the same reasons, Charlotte mentioned.
    Well, let's just enjoy the collaboration as much as we can.

  6. It was just announced on the radio that Cecilia and Rolando will perform in Amsterdam this coming season. No date mentioned but that will be known on Friday 27th, see www.concertgebouw.nl website then.

  7. The Amsterdam concert is on Monday 14 December. A series with Renee Fleming and Joyce Didonato and Cecilia/Rolando can be ordered now for 121 euro (front rows).
    Otherwise 1 June as usual.

  8. Hi Ton, I missed the announcement on the radio, but I just saw it on the programm of the Concertgebouw, Cecilia (and Orlando) 14-12-2015 Amsterdam! :-)
    Anyone of the European fans going to the US?

    Best wishes,
    Catherine (from Holland)

    1. Hi Catherine ! We are going to the US for the Californian Tour !
      Catherine and Alain

  9. Hi Catherine and Alain! Wow, fantastic that you are going! How many of the concerts will you attend?.
    Wish I could come as well... Have a wonderful time and see you in Salzburg I think!

    1. Dear Catherine we have tickets for the entire tour ! and stay 15 days in the US ...
      We kiss you and see you soon in Salzburg ;-)

  10. The girl in the first pic is so beautiful. Who is that?


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