July 25, 2015

Little video about the end of Whitsun Festival

Was that by accident that some superfans met her at the same time? :) I'll put it in the video section, too:

>>> Video

July 21, 2015

59-year-old ! Cecilia tells more about her orchestra

>>> Read here.

For the non-German-speakers, the interesting statements:

She wants to do more Renaissance music, espacially Monteverdi, Caccini und Strozzi, with 'Les musiciens du Prince' she starts in 2016, as we already know. She'd love to lead an Italian theatre, but only after first of all firing everybody in it. Concerning Pop music, she is interested in making music with Sting, whom she got to know in a TV-Show, but lost contact to. Apart from classical music, she likes Rock, but in her opinion, since Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, there don't exist any strong groups anymore.

Just found the original interview from Italian newspaper Il Giornale (Milano). Make the effort to translate it in G**gle or elsewhere, it is interesting. The Swiss article is very reduced.