November 24, 2015

Sad news: Ton

Dear all,

I have to bring sad news to you, Klaus asked me to, since he's far in Nepal and can't write.

Ton had a fatal accident. He came to death on a walking tour on his favorite island Madeira.

I think, many of us knew him, either personally or at least from the forum.

It wasn't easy for him to find in life what he was looking for. Even in Cecilia concerts, too many coughs could ruin his joy. But when everything was perfect around him, listening to her gave peace to his soul. Combined with a talk to the so friendly and attached Cecilia after a concert, he could take this as a treasure into his world.

He was a very generous person and loved to share anything he had from Cecilia and spared no efforts to do so. One example of many: He had two tickets for 'Mozart and the Vienne Classics' in Amsterdam back in 2013, a very perfect one in row 4 close to the aisle and another one on the podium behind Cecilia. I only had a ticket in the back, a row in the 20ies.

He then offered me to take the seat in row 3 for the second half (first half a Dutch friend of him could sit there)!

He himself sat behind Cecilia and said afterwards, he enjoyed my face while sitting right in front of her singing 'Berenice'. I was so thankful!

Klaus could tell you much more facets of his character, I'm sure.

In this video from Mission concert 2012 in Amsterdam you can see him sitting in front of the person who filmed. He loved to see himself in that video:

May his soul rest in peace.