November 24, 2015

Sad news: Ton

Dear all,

I have to bring sad news to you, Klaus asked me to, since he's far in Nepal and can't write.

Ton had a fatal accident. He came to death on a walking tour on his favorite island Madeira.

I think, many of us knew him, either personally or at least from the forum.

It wasn't easy for him to find in life what he was looking for. Even in Cecilia concerts, too many coughs could ruin his joy. But when everything was perfect around him, listening to her gave peace to his soul. Combined with a talk to the so friendly and attached Cecilia after a concert, he could take this as a treasure into his world.

He was a very generous person and loved to share anything he had from Cecilia and spared no efforts to do so. One example of many: He had two tickets for 'Mozart and the Vienne Classics' in Amsterdam back in 2013, a very perfect one in row 4 close to the aisle and another one on the podium behind Cecilia. I only had a ticket in the back, a row in the 20ies.

He then offered me to take the seat in row 3 for the second half (first half a Dutch friend of him could sit there)!

He himself sat behind Cecilia and said afterwards, he enjoyed my face while sitting right in front of her singing 'Berenice'. I was so thankful!

Klaus could tell you much more facets of his character, I'm sure.

In this video from Mission concert 2012 in Amsterdam you can see him sitting in front of the person who filmed. He loved to see himself in that video:

May his soul rest in peace.



  1. O my god, that is sad news! Charlotte, you wrote some beautiful words!
    I got to know Ton last year, we met in the Concertgebouw during the Sint Petersburg concert of Cecilia and after that we saw each other during a series of Vivaldi opera's and he told me about his experiences with Cecilia and he - like you wrote- gave me a lot of Cecilia's music, for which I was so grateful!

    Last months I tried to contact him, but I didn't hear from him. Now I know why. May he rest in peace.


  2. I was the first person ( Netherlands ) I missed Ton in other opera/concerts in Amsterdam this year for a several times. Also not answered telephone and e-mails. I have heard it from family and they told me they don't have name and addresses from the fans of Cecilia. I am very sad about this very bad news. I knew him for 10 years. It was a very good, helpful and kindly person. I shall mis him much times in all the next concerts I know the dates from our same concerts. His seat will be empty. It will never be the same!!! Els J.

  3. Hallo Els,

    Even in het Nederlands, ik heb je mailadres niet, vandaar via het forum. Hoewel ik Ton niet eens zo veel gesproken heb, nam hij na onze eerste kennismaking bij het volgende concert waar we beiden waren direct een hele stapel cd's en dvd's voor me mee, ook van zijn mooie reizen. We hebben een poosje met elkaar gemaild totdat ik inderdaad geen reactie meer kreeg en eerlijk gezegd baarde dat me zorgen. Hij was inderdaad zo aardig! Hij vertelde dat hij vaak mensen een kaartje gaf, bood mij dat ook aan (had ze net zelf gekocht) en hield onzettend veel van muziek. Ook ik weet zijn vaste plek in het concertgebouw en het zal raar zijn om hem daar niet te zien zitten volgende keer. Wellicht komen wij elkaar in Amsterdam tegen de 14e december. Lieve groet, Catherine

    1. Hallo Catherine,

      Het zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn in het Concertgebouw zonder Ton. Ik keek altijd naar hem uit en nu voor de komende concerten is zijn plaats leeg. Dit brengt een schaduw over de prachtige muziek. Ton hoorde daar gewoon. Dat was een begrip voor mij. Hij heeft mij over je vertelt in zijn e-mailtjes. Helaas stopte het kontakt en kreeg ik geen reacties meer. Ik wist van zijn concerten af, welke hij ging bezoeken en trof hem daar niet aan. Dit was niets voor hem. We zullen hem allen missen.
      Ben blij dat ik hem heb leren kennen. Natuurlijk ben ik ook bij Cecilia in Amsterdam.
      Groetjes v. Els

  4. I must have know him for around 15 years and have found him to be one of the most sensitive (if not always easiest :) ), friendliest and certainly most generous human beings, I've ever met.
    Like many true music lovers, he was happiest, when everything around him in a concert was right. Cecilia has created this personal heaven for him many, many times and I think, both instinctively knew this.

    I'm happy and proud, to have been called a friend by him.

    Many people knew him personally or from e-mail or just from the forums, he participated in and I think, they will sadly and deeply miss him.
    I certainly will.
    Especially going to the Concertgebouw will never be the same.

    Thank you, Els, for finding the sad truth for all of us and you, Charlotte, for the kind and sensitive obituary.

    Klaus T.

  5. This is very shocking news! I have good memories of Ton. He gave me some DVD's of Cecilia with footage I've never seen before, I was very happy with it. Sometimes I looked at him during concerts, it gave me great pleasure seeing him enjoying it so much. He really was a big fan of Cecilia.

    I'm glad to read he liked to see himself so much in the video I made. Feels like I did something in return for the DVD's he gave me.

    I hope he finds rest. And who knows, maybe he'll still be there during the concerts, watching from above. To all the people close to him; I wish you all the best. Ton surely will be missed.

  6. Dear friends,

    I was in personal and regular touch with Ton since 2013, when the book "My First Time" was published. It was him who inspired me to translate one French story from that book into English, which appeared in the Forum. Then I met him at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris, on 1st Novembre 2014 on the occasion of the St. Petersburg concert. The next day, I picked him up at his hotel and took him to an Indian restaurant in Paris. As was usual with him, he gave a lot of DVDs and CDs to me. We had a wonderful time together. Then I dropped him at the Gare du Nord station in the afternoon. A few months later, early this year, he invited me and a friend of mine most kindly to attend the upcoming Barbican concert with him (18 Dec. 2015), saying he offers not only the concert, but my travel and hotel expenses too! When I finally accepted, he wrote he was most fortunate! Actually, he used to write to me quite often on spiritual matters, as he knew I translate Sanskrit works and give talks on the same. I started being worried about him in the summer, when I got no email reply from him and when I saw even his cell phone did not reply. Spencer is right. Ton WILL be there during the concerts, as we will think of him for sure. My feeling is mixed with both unhappiness and sort of happiness. It's truly unfortunate to hear of Ton's passing away in such circumstances. I know he had pain in the legs and feet. Maybe he stumbled because of that. On the other hand, I do have with me not only the two tickets he offered to me so kindly, but his own ticket too (2nd row). So he will be at my side at the Barbican for sure, provided I am allowed to enter. Ton said I would need his subscription card to enter the Barbican. Maybe Els J. knows about that. Anyway, I will come and we will see what happens.

    Kind regards from France,


  7. I forgot saying Ton told me a concert with Cecilia must make him shed tears, otherwise it's not really a good concert. We can see that in Spencer's video, as Ton does shed tears several times.

  8. I remember Ton said to me he met Cecilia on his birthday once and she sang Happy Birthday to him! What a joy and blessing to him!

  9. Hi, dear Ton, I am sure you will read our contributions. Thank you so much being such a warmhearted and generous person and true fan of Cecilia. Thank you for all the fotos and dvds you sent to me, for the intensive talks we had together - and for the ticket you offered me as a gift for Amsterdam on 14th of december this year. I am grateful having come in touch with you - and I will miss you.

  10. This is sad news indeed - just read it this morning, planning to cancel my trip to Prag and offering my ticket to the forum.
    I've known Ton for many years, and I do share the impression of so many of you describing him as a very generous person. I last met him in Pars at Théatre Champs-Elysées... - he was a little confused then about hotel issues; we had been waiting for Cecilia after the concert as she drove by in the car and waved goodbye to us in her sweet, gentle way. I also remember Peter V., our other dutch friend, who died from cancer a couple of years ago... - a tall guy, nice and gentle, too. Sad but true: we have to face the fact that there will be more losses of friends and co-fans in the future...
    Thank you for your kind words, Charlotte! Sometimes it is hard to find the right words when we have to face death... As to me, it has been too many in the last couple of weeks - and now I have to learn about Ton...
    Kindest regards to all co-fans and friends; enjoy life, music and the miracles our beloved Cecilia is able to create through her incredible art and unique personality. May Ton rest in peace - may all beings be happy! Karen

  11. I was told by Els that Ton's birthday was yesterday. I think he would have been 62. I informed the Barbican about his passing away and his offering tickets to me and a friend of mine. They replied they were very sorry to hear of his passing and that in such circumstances I will be able to enter the hall with the e-tickets only. So, Ton's seat on my side in 2nd row will be empty, though his good soul will be around for sure.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear that. He always lives in our hearts.


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