January 3, 2016

A happy and healthy New Year to all of you

                              May this year be a good year for all of you.


  1. Thank you, also - I wish you all wonderful concerts in 2016!!

  2. Hello everybody, I wish you all a happy new year, lots of great Moments and wonderfull Cecilia concerts - hopefully with no cancellations :-) Koile

  3. Thank you Klaus for providing and maintaining our Cecilia-Forum and for your wishes with the impressiv picture of the Himalaya. I wish you and all fans a good year 2016, health, (more) peace and marvellous encounters with Cecilia's art of singing and personality.

  4. Thanks everyone and it is nice to see that someone is starting to write again at the Forum. By the way happy new year to all of Cecilias fans.

  5. I wish a happy new year to everybody, too. Health, love and music may always be around!

    Klaus, the picture is so touching in its beauty, infinity and clearness. Thank you for this.

  6. Hello everybody! Also from me, a very happy new year, with much happiness,love and beautiful music! Klaus, what a beautiful picture, must have been very special to be there. See you at a next Cecilia concert! Best wishes to all, Catherine from Holland :-)

  7. Asty'uttarasyām dishi devatātmā
    himālayo nāma nagādhirājah /
    Pūrvāparau toyanidhī vagāhya
    sthitah prithivyā iva mānadandah //

    "There is, in the North, the divine-souled
    Lord of mountains named Himālaya.
    Diving into the Eastern and Western oceans,
    he stands like the measuring rod of the earth."

    With that very first verse from Kālidāsa's celebrated Sanskrit poem entitled Kumāra-sambhava, I wish a lofty New Year to everyone, to you Klaus and to Cecilia who is like the Himālaya Queen of divine singing, with thoughts for our dear friend Ton, thanks to whom I could attend the Barbican concert on 18th December.

  8. Thanx dear Klaus - same same to everybody!Karen

  9. I wish everyone a happy year full of beautiful music bringing joy to you.

  10. Dear everyone,
    you NEED to watch the movie "Das brandneue Testament". It is beautiful, very clever, funny - and: it has lots of Cecilia in it! The movie uses Scarlatti's "Mentre io godo" twice from "Opera Proibita" and Händel's "Lascia chio pianga" from "Rinaldo". I was so excited to hear Cecilia sing, it fits the movie so perfectly... You can also hear Purcell's "O Solitude" with Andreas Scholl, and Bach and some Rameau. My warmest recommendations!


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