May 23, 2016

Rediscovery of Steffani goes on

Perhaps many of you know already, but I find this so very interesting that I have to share:

In Berlin, the Staatsoper performs Steffani's Opera 'Amor vien dal Destino'. I'm sure, this is Cecilia's merit, her 'Mission' is spreading. I love that!


  1. I think so too Charlotte, love it! Go Cecilia! :-)
    Catherine T

  2. Unfortunately, the series of performances is over already -:(...I couldn't catch it...

  3. Hi Charlotte, what a good memory! I was in Berlin at the beginning of May for this great opera I've seen twice. I'm a really big fan of René Jacobs, but this unsurpassable conductor knew Steffani 30 years before Cecilia. By the way, Amor vien dal destino, was performed by Philippe Herreweghe too at Aix-en-Provence in 1986. So I think there's no link between the "Steffani Project" and the will of the conductor who sang chamber duets with Judith Nelson in 1983, as he reminded us before the show.

    But I love Cecilia too, and I'm delighted to see her in 3 days!


  4. Thank you, cher GF, for telling me. Only because I didn't know Steffani before, it's not necesserarily the same for the rest of the world. :) Steffani is such a wonderful composer, and I wish I could have seen 'Amor vien dal destino' in Berlin. I will keep my eyes open for more of him around.

    Have fun with Cecilia - on October 4th. :/



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