June 24, 2016

Cecilia e Martha

Listen to Cecilia talking in Italian about her upcoming concert with Martha Argerich - I always love how vivid and liberate she is in her mother tongue.


As far as I understood: Martha was kind of afraid of this progetto, didn't know how to accompany a (female) voice, because she never did before. Cecilia gave her the hint to regard the voice as a violin, and that was fine for Martha.

Diego says that dispite two Dive Assolute meet, they come along with each other easily. As far as I understood him - and I'm not at all sure that I did! - Martha finds things quite difficult while Cecilia always knows a way out and everything turns out to be easy.

My Italian is so rusty!


  1. ben fatto, Charlotte - e grazie! So sorry I am not able to attend the concerts... - and I'm happy for everyone who will be there and enjoy the two incredibly gifted stars together. What a special blend! Karen

  2. By the way, "La Donna del Lago" seems to be recorded next Whitsun, it says so here.


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