March 13, 2017

The new cover?

On the website in Gstaad there is a very colorful photo for the concert on 31.8.2017 - maybe the new cover for the announced CD? A Screenshot:


  1. It seems a Ellen von Unwerth photo !!! We wait and see ...
    Does anyone know if this spring will be a new DVD? NORMA, or IPHIGENIE or ALCINA .... ?

    1. It' would be a quite unusual choice. What does it say about the music on the CD?
      Neither of those operas have been filmed, so don't expect a DVD. Alcina has been recorded this year, but just for a CD release.
      I still hope for a Norma video (4k? or at least Bluray) one day.

  2. ... but just for a CD release? Wonderful! The soundtracks on most opera films is not really good. A serious sound recording for CD is for me the better option. However,I also hope for a Norma - Bluray, but also for a new Cenerentola, AND for a "La donna del Lago"-CD !

    1. -:), yes I thought so,too. Especially with Philippe singing Ruggiero. The singers all had microphones attached to their heads and there were plenty of mices recording the orchestra. So it should be good.
      Donna should be a CD as stated somewhere else...Norma, well, we need another run of Normas then in another venue , before they can film it.

  3. From

    Cronache dalla Ville Lumière: Cecilia Bartoli in Norma
    Posted on 19 ottobre 2016 by Giovanni David

    Mercoledì 12 ottobre al Théâtre des Champs-Elysées davanti alle telecamere France 3 (per una ripresa e, forse, un dvd) è andata in scena la prima delle “quattro rappresentazioni eccezionali” (come da locandina) della Norma di Bellini con protagonista la diva più diva del presente, Cecilia Bartoli. ...

    They say Norma was filmed by France 3 Wednesday, October 12th. It's true?

    1. Really? It would be great, if it were so. But I am very sceptical, that a project like this would rely on only the filming of ONE of four performances.
      For Alcina this year, there were rumours, too, they would film, as there was a crew there. But it turned out to be just a documentary for a TV channnel.


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